We will discuss acute single Analysis and Tools in our Workshops in order to ensure your self- reliant and reliable work.

Consulting and Conceptions

Creating and realising strategies. After a common exchange we will define your goals and put them into practice quickly.


We visualise your data with interactive dashboards in real time, online as offline, and enable you to operate with your data in an interactive mode.


We do possess some of the current Tracking and Web Analytic Systems which we will use to collect and analyse your data.


Benefit from our longstanding Know-How

Todays eCommerce has to face one oft he biggest challenges of our time.One of the many campaigns meet the most diverse sales channels, also Crossdevice- and Multidomainusage.
Longstanding experience with different Webanalysis-Tools,Trackingsystems, complex Attributional models, connection of different systems and also our science approachel are some of the many positive aspects our agency brings with it to professional raise your ability of webanalysis to the next level.

  • Webtrekk
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Webtrends
  • Tableau, Klipfolio
  • Pantaho, Python
  • R, Apache Hadoop
  • Access, SQL, etc

Training & WORKSHOPS

Benefit from the knowledge we would like to share with you.

Our agency is hosting trainings and workshops in regular clearances for webanalysis & BI-Tools. We try our best to share the knowledge with the attendences in theoretical and practical exercises, so that you can improve your abilities furthermore.

  • Tracking Systems
  • Visualising tools
  • Data handling tools
  • Databases

Contact us and we will show you and your employees possibilitys how you can work more efficient with your amount of data to reach your goals.

The meeting can either be held at training rooms or local. Optional it is possible to hold a training via web conference

Skills & Services

About us

Webanalyse/Web Controlling - 7 Years 100%
Tracking/Tagging - 7 Years 100%
Data visualizing - 6 Years 90%
Database--/Softwaredevelopment - 6 Years 90%
Website development - 5 Years 80%

You are asking yourself which Webanalyses-Tool suits you best? Or how can you integrate the tool? Which data is important to evaluate? How can you maximize conversions or minimize your bounce rate? Which marketing channel affects your performence the best and which channel binds the customers to the company?

? IT-Wings answers these typical questions about webanalytics and supports you with knowledge to get insight about your customers and your website.

With the following Trackingtools und analyses we will make your company more attractive, because your success is our goal.

  • Customer Journey Analysen
  • Kohorten analyses
  • Attributional models
  • Funnelanalyses
  • Marketing-Performance Analyses
  • Landingpage Analyses
  • Splittests (A/B- or multivariational)

Web controlling is an importand part of measuring success in the online business.To asses your budget use it has to be calculated on how the performance varies depending on the cost. As for several reasons,like the interaction between online channels, it is not possible to use the classic ROI calculation for performance measuring. To realistically determine the performance of your channels our agency develops strategys for you. With these information you can lower your online costs or allocate more efficient and get further insights for upcoming campaigns.

The staff of our agency use certain Big Data and Statistic Tools in order to create neural systems, complex relation analyses (regression models) and algorithms fitting for the individual needs of your company. We guarantee real deep dive analyses which will support achieving your company goals as much as it simplifies the innovative introduction of your enterprise during the times of data diversity.

Following Big Data and Statistic Tools are utilized:

Behind any Data Analysis is a data base system which contains diverse data. IT- Wings supports you by creating a high performance data base system. Together with ETL- processes (as Panthao), we are able to combine diverse structured data sources in a target database and finishing them with further tools (visualization or analysis). This business intelligence solution automates any analyses as data retrieval of your enterprise.

The staff of IT- Wings is not simply going to collect and analyse your data but also offers the possibility of recalling them online or offline at any time. Using dynamic and individual graphics, we will explain and present correlations as developments of your Company in real time. A connection between your Trackingsystem and a tool for visualization provides you with the unique advantage of reading , understanding and finally concluding from your data in real time very quick. For instance, errors and issues can be detect in advance.

Our webdesigners support your creation and extension of new websites and webshops.
In corporation with you we will define the composition and design of your websites which will be created with systems as typo3, wordpress and so on. Certainly we will be providing further support after the project is finished. We will train you in content- management, be of any help and furthermore we will be a backup if you need to increase or optimize your website performance.

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