About us

We are certain that the only way to asset and compete in a world that keeps spinning faster is to deepen the own knowledge and skills. That is why we improve our abilities and know- how of tools and methods of analyses for acquisition of knowledge on a regular basis. That is how we convey established and current rudiments which will guarantee a key lead before your business competition. In addition, we are constantly chasing new challenges so we can relocate the limits of your skills and support our customers with strategical expertise next to professional consulting.

Why you should approach us?

IT-WINGS combines STEM with webanalysis, that is why e- Commerce Projects and Big Data Challenges, which will be integrated by tools and evaluated, are not suffice for our sense of service. Moreover we would like to create company- specific and sectoral algorithms which provide you overvalue/ surplus.

  • Custom- built solutions and consulting
  • Economical examination of your data
  • Creation of unique solutions which are independent from tools
  • Familiarization of your staff into more complex analyses of webanalyses etc.

Unsere Erfahrungen

Mathematik / Statistik - 8 Jahre
Informatik / Information Retrieval - 8 Jahre
Webanalyse / Digital Analyse - 7 Jahre
Web Controlling - 7 Jahre
Consulting - 6 Jahre
Datenvisualisierung - 6 Jahre




CEO und Webanalyst Armin Sanjari

Armin Sanjari

CEO – Mathematician/Economist

Email: armin.sanjari@it-wings.de

My Name is Armin Sanjari. I am a Mathematician and Economist, I was occupied as a Web Analyst, Digital Analyst and Consultant for Enterprises, midsize companies and agencies for several years now. No matter if it is about Customer Journey, Cohort Analyses, Attribution Modeling or Forecast Models depending on Webanalysis Metrics, I enjoy everything about Big Data.

Daniel Ruf

Daniel Ruf

CTO – Economy Mathematician

Email: daniel.ruf@it-wings.de

My name is Daniel Ruf. I am an Economy Mathematician and I was occupied as an IT- and Business Consultant in diverse international Enterprises (United States and East Asia) for several years. My Strengths contain, next to analytical skills, strategical and operative realization of Big Data Projects. Starting with the creation of databases, programming, connecting algorithms for evaluation of data, over to recommendation and guidance.



We will discuss acute single Analysis and Tools in our Workshops in order to ensure your self- reliant and reliable work.

Consulting and Conceptions

Creating and realising strategies. After a common exchange we will define your goals and put them into practice quickly.


We visualise your data with interactive dashboards in real time, online as offline, and enable you to operate with your data in an interactive mode.


We do possess some of the current Tracking and Web Analytic Systems which we will use to collect and analyse your data.


We combine sience with Digital Analytics! This unique combination provides you with your desired competitive advantage.

Big Data

We will collect, evaluate and visualise your data using intelligent BI- Solutions. To us, Big Data is not just any Buzzword but a reformative challenge.