Our staff posseses an unique knowledge which is based upon a STEM background. The assemble of our staff is composed of Mathematicians, Economists and Computer Scientists with Marketing and e- Commerce Know- How.

Due to our knowledge of the diverse disciples and our sympathy for Web Analytics, which ensures that we will collect your high amount of data, analyse and visualise it, in order to give advice regarding to treatment recommendation, which will provide success and new impulses for your company.

We draw our knowledge from intense scientific works and practical experiences in companies of all sizes. We, of IT- WINGS, will take you into innovative Web Analytics in order to achieve your short, middle and more over long term goals.

“Use our Expertise for your Company as an advantage.” – IT Wings –
“Do not simply fulfill your Customer’s wish, but offer any of your Customers something beyond their expectation.” – IT Wings –
Long term experience and competence combined with scientific backgrounds, advanced training on a regular basic and diverse certifications of Analytics, Visualisation and statistic Tools, as programming language and our passion for BI and Big Datas are the foundation of the fulfillment of our Philosophy.
  1. Technical integration/ data aqcisition

  2. Data evaluation

  3. Dashboarding/ Reports

  4. Analysis/ Treatment Recommendations

  5. Workshops/ Training

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We combine scientific approach with economic indicators. That is how we are going to solve and utilise your specific Big Data issues and achieve new perceptions for you.

Webanalyse/Web Controlling - 7 Years
Tracking/Tagging - 7 Years
Data Visualisation - 6 Years
Database and Software Development. - 6 Years
Website Development - 5 Years
Overview of our Services

We will discuss acute single Analysis and Tools in our Workshops in order to ensure your self- reliant and reliable work.

Consulting and Conceptions

Creating and realising strategies. After a common exchange we will define your goals and put them into practice quickly.


We visualise your data with interactive dashboards in real time, online as offline, and enable you to operate with your data in an interactive mode.


We do possess some of the current Tracking and Web Analytic Systems which we will use to collect and analyse your data.


We combine sience with Digital Analytics! This unique combination provides you with your desired competitive advantage.

Big Data

We will collect, evaluate and visualise your data using intelligent BI- Solutions. To us, Big Data is not just any Buzzword but a reformative challenge.