Why should you improve your skills?


IT-WINGS WorkshopsRange- campaigns, PPC and RTB advertising channels are accompanied by high costs due to exalted competition amongst e- Commerce Companies. At the same time, the data- volume, which needs to be analysed, increases, as does the quantity of Tools (Tracking, Conversion- optimising, Attribution etc.).

In order to improve the performance and the ROI, the correct handling of Web Analysing Systems is unavoidable.

We train in every sector of Web Analysing, like tracking, analytic process, campaign appraisal, data banks and dashboarding/ visualisation. We are going to share our Know- How with you, either in our training rooms or local. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will take you, your Web Analysts or Marketing- Team to the next Level.

It is imperative to us: measuring success is Art. You shall benefit from our Knowledge which we do like to share with you.

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Our training courses

Google Analytics

Experience how data are collected, analysed and construed with Google Analytics and how to achieve new expertise for your Company.


Learn how to visualize data and to create online reports safe and straightforwardly with a tableau in our 2 day workshop.

Access Training

Learn how to create and maintain Microsoft Access Databanks and to select, analyse, represent and visualise gathered data in our 3 day workshop.