We know the assets and potential of Google Analytics. Due to our experience of many years we are aware of the core question: if short- or middleterm issues could appear at your project. IT- Wings will give you the best benefit by Google Analytics.

In our two- day training, we are going to explain in step with actual practice, how to incorporate the Tool, which KPIs should be used in which situation, how to combine the KPIs with other data and how to download the created reportings, which can be send or visualised automatically.

The Google Analytics Training is divided in diverse Modules: young professionals, career changers and advanced.

Training Goals

It is our goal to ensure your reliable and self- reliant controlling of your Web Analysis with Google Analytics.

Following is a short summary of topics that will be discussed during class.

Installation & Adjustment
  • Creation of Accounts, Profiles and Users
  • Activation of Tracking and the correct embedding of the Tracking Codes
  • Activation of e- Commerce Tracking
  • Activation of demographic features
  • Do you have goals for your Company? If so, the definition and measurement of your goals
  • Funnelcreation
  • Which Dimension and Metrics are in Google Analytics, what are their meanings and how do they distinguish
  • Differentiation of Micro and Macro Conversions- how can goals in this relation be defined (Event-Tracking)
  • Visualisierung von Ziele und Trichter
  • Überblick aller Google Analytics Funktionen
Reportings & Dashboards
  • Creation of Reports and Dashboards
  • Automatic forwarding of all Reports
Channel- & Campaignanalyses
  • What are (Media-) Channels, how can they be analysed and assessed
  • How can Campaigns be analysed and assessed
  • Audience- analyzing regarding to Channels/ Campaigns
Attribution & Multi-Channel Analyses
  • What are Attribution- Models and which types exist
  • Analyses using Attributionsmodels
  • Conversionanalyses using Multi- Channel- Funnels
  • Channel- Assessment using Multi- Channel- Funnels
What is imperative to us regarding the Training:

We will show practice oriented Examples for every Training Division. Afterwards, you will be divided into small groups and receive tasks which can be solved by the use of Google Analytics. If certain points are of special interest to you, we are happy to emphasise them and to discuss / show further Analyses.

If we caught your interest, please contact us. for additional Information.

Webanalyse using Google Analytics

Two- day Google Analytics Training
550 Euro (per Person)

Attendance fee 550,- € plus VAT
Local Inhouse- Training is possible

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